About Us

LANCANG-MEKONG PARTNERSHIP FOR WATER AND ENVIRONMENT is a partnership for researchers engaged in research and development of water resources and environment in the Lancang-Mekong watershed. We are committed to promoting and enhancing the research, communication and collaboration on water resources and environmental issues in the Lancang-Mekong region. Current members of the partnership are from universities, research institutions, NGOs in China, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.


Dr. Xuezhong Yu is a Senior Environmental Specialist and Director of Asian Program at Ecofish Research Ltd (www.ecofishresearch.com). He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Canada. He once worked as Engineer, Senior Engineer, and Professorate Senior Engineer at China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research. He has over twenty years of experience in academia and consulting sectors. Dr. Yu draws his experience in water, energy, agriculture, and environmental industries. His research interests include environmental modeling, environmental impact assessment and environmental management, hydropower sustainability, and watershed management. He has led over 50 research and consulting projects to support the feasibility study, design and operation of large infrastructures. His contributions were disseminated through publication of over 100 journal and conference papers, 3 books, 60 reports, and special conference panels/sessions devoted to his works. In 2008-2010 he participated in the development of Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol which is widely accepted and recognized globally as an enhanced sustainability assessment tool used to measure and guide performance in the hydropower sector.


Dr. Daming He, Professor, Asian International Rivers Center
Yunnan University, China

Dr. Alex Smajgl, Managing Director, Mekong Futures Research Institute

Dr. Phouvin Phousavanh, Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture
 National University of Laos

Dr. Mie Mie Kyaw, Lecturer, Department of Zoology
University of Mandalay, Myanmar